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Pine Pellet Litter Box - Turquoise

Pine Pellet Litter Box - Turquoise

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  • This innovative sifting litter box is optimized for pine pellet litter, making it easier to use than traditional litter boxes.
  • Its simple design is foolproof, saving time and effort when it comes to cleaning your cat's litter.
  • Enjoy a cleaner environment and improve your cat's sanitation today!

STUNNING COLOR: A mesmerizing turquoise hue that will captivate both you and your furry friend. Felines and bunnies are able to perceive shades of blue! Unlike other litter boxes, it seamlessly blends into your living space with its impeccable design. Depending on the lighting, the color may transform into various shades of green and blue.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Discover the Ultimate in Premium Quality and Comfort for Your Pet with our Open Concept Litter Box System.

Purfect for all cats, rabbits, and other small animals. Experience Improved Maneuverability for Your Pet's Bathroom Needs.

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Pine Pellet Litter Box - Close up with pine pellet litter in the litter box - Turquoise

Discover the Ease and Convenience of Open Top Entry

  • Create a Comfortable and Safe Space for your Pet with a Spacious Open Top Litter Box.
  • Ensure that the litter box is situated in an area where your pet can have a comprehensive view of their environment, while also keeping it separate from their food and water sources.

Optimize separation ability with 1 cm openings

  • The middle pan features 1 cm holes that allow for the effortless separation of used litter sawdust to fall through while keeping whole unused pellets on top.
  • In the event that you observe sawdust beginning to overflow, kindly remove the bottom pull-out tray and promptly dispose of the used litter sawdust. It is always advisable to dispose of the used litter before it reaches the point of overflow to prevent any potential mess and the development of an unpleasant ammonia scent.

Clips on the wall panel securely hold all the components together to create the litter box.

  • There are a total of 5 clips on the wall panel used to secure the pieces together.
  • Arrange the wall panel, middle pan, and bottom drawer pieces together, then encircle the wall panel and utilize the clips to fasten all components and create the litter box.